The present order

In 2044, in the new society, 20 years after the collapse of capitalism, politics is no longer the affair of professionals, but is simply another human activity. In each zone, committees meet to address local questions. Files of the old regime’s Ministry of the Interior are published. They reveal the names of those police officers who took part in arbitrary acts of repression during the final years of capitalism…

Equipe :

Direction et scenario : Jérôme Polidor
With : Cecilia Benaglia, Dominique Bertou Sonia Chikh, Cristina Desimone Hélène Duhamel, Marie-José Durand-Richard Magnaka Dramé, Adeline Ouatara Jérôme Polidor, Nicolas Teichner, Pierre, Régis
Image : Vincent
Sound : Julien Després, Nicolas Teichner
Translation : Brad Stevens
With the help of : Association les Engraineurs Ville de Pantin Centre Social des Courtillières
Duration : 11 min – 2009